Cat Lady.
Nursing Student.
Figure Skating.
MtG, LoL.
Music, Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Writing, Starbucks, Apple, Ballet, Terry Pratchett, Piercings, Fashion, Science, Company.

And if you took to me like
A gull takes to the wind,
Well I'd a' jumped
From my trees and,
I'd a' danced like the king of the eyesores
And the rest of our lives would a' fare well.
[The Shins]


Figured out how to use an Apple wireless keyboard with a computer that doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities. :P

I’ve tried to use my iPad as a keyboard using the Logitech server and iPhone app, and honestly, it’s a little annoying to type on. So I decided to try using my wireless Apple keyboard with the app, and turns out it works. :D It only sucks ‘cause there ARE some buttons I can’t use, like the arrows, but blah. I can type easier and faster and that’s pretty darn awesome. :P

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